King's Men

King's Men was an independent project that started from a simple doodle. I used a low-poly style to enhance the light-hearted feel of the game, and to save production time. Assets were modeled, textured, and animated in Maya before being imported into Unity.

Terra Cordis

Terra Cordis was my senior film project, completed while studying Digital Arts at Pratt Institute. The main character, a man lost in a desolate world, searches for familiar artifacts from his home. As his desperation peaks, he releases his attachment to these mementos - only then is he able to return home. Using Maya, I modeled, rigged, textured, and animated all assets used in the film. Each scene was lit and rendered using the Mental Ray rendering engine, and shots were compiled in After Effects.

Other Projects

Despite working professionally as a game designer, I often take on freelance art projects and continue to develop my own artistic works. This is a great creative outlet and allows me to keep exploring my own visual styles and ideas. The images above come from a variety of projects. They have been used in feature films, game concepts, 3D printing, and more!

Game Design

Digital Art