Racing Rivals

Promotional shot for Racing Rivals 7.0, the largest update the game had ever seen!
Main view of Tuner Challenge, a ranked PvP mode I designed to grow new players into elder players.
When I wasn't designing features, I built lots of customization accessories, like these fun paints!
I designed this coin flip to clarify the first step in the betting process for players.
The entire betting flow was simplified and improved with a progressive turn system.
One of the many leaderboards in World Tour, a team-based PvP feature adored by competitive players.
A screenshot from a player's garage, showing off a car they've tuned and customized.
  • Feature + Systems Design
  • Improving User Metrics
  • UX Improvements
  • Content Design/Scripting
Racing Rivals was acquired by Carbonated in 2017. Tasked with improving the overall viability of the game, I designed systems, features, and UX improvements to boost user metrics. During this massive year-long overhaul, I also built weekly content releases and resolved bugs for our enthusiastic players.


I designed this interactive puzzle as an introduction to more challenging puzzles in the "Mayan Treasure" pack.
The game's main menu, which I helped design and implement!
I worked closely alongside our UI/UX designer and helped solve various UI conundrums.
Promotional shot of the jigsaw component of the game, which I helped design and tune.
I was responsible for most of the game's level design, writing, and story telling.
A trickier, more layered puzzle that I designed for the final level of "Mayan Treasure".
The first interactive scene of "Hellstrom Manor" clues to the player in to a suspenseful plot.
I had a ton of fun designing the "Ancient Rome" pack. Rome was a scandalous place!
I designed and implemented the interactive sequence UI, which helps players know how much is left to discover.
  • General Concept
  • Level Design/Scripting
  • Economy/Tuning
  • UI Design
This was another project where I filled many roles! After concepting, I jumped right into planning content, designing levels, and tuning the progression of the game. I was solely responsible for scripting each of the interactive sequences. I also designed and implemented UI elements for the main menu and interactive scenes.

Dragon Treasure Tales

I designed the "lair view" to help players track their progress and motivate them to finish their collections.
I wrote silly flavor text for each item. Completing each set reveals a story about the owner of the items.
After I designed the item sets, our artist did a great job of bringing them all to life!
  • General Concept
  • UI Design
  • Art Direction
  • Writing
As the only full-time designer on this project, I was challenged with contributing to nearly every facet of the game's design! My team and I focused on a smooth user experience, helping players adjust to the new iMessage app platform. Our allotted scope changed frequently, which encouraged us to prototype and adjust rapidly!


I worked to improve many areas of the game, focusing on improving the overall user experience.
I designed a lot of content for the game, expanding the library of egg types, creatures, and items.
Players loved my item card system, designed to organize and improve their gameplay experience.
Not the first time this has happened...
I designed the game's quest system, which improved day-seven retention by 10%!
I had a good laugh designing the Trash Egg creatures and writing their descriptions.
I simplified the creature information display, helping players old and new better understand the functionality.
I got away with a lot of groan-worthy puns...
I also helped balance the game's item tables and overall economy!
  • Content Design
  • Quest System
  • Item Info UI
  • UX Improvements
'Egg!' was a great opportunity for me to focus on maintaining a live product. I planned out new DLC content and wrote flavor text for tons of new items, eggs, and creatures. I spearheaded an overhaul of the item UI, and designed the game's quest system, boosting retention. My favorite egg to design was the Spectral Egg.

Egg Baby

I spent a lot of time trying to break the game. I found and helped repair over 1000 bugs!
My boss was skeptical about Shakespeare quotes - but the Sparkler Egg ended up being our most popular!
  • Content Design
  • Item Code System
  • Seasonal Events
When I joined Nix Hydra, Egg Baby was the company's flagship game. I began as the team's only QA member, and quickly expanded into my design role as the company grew. I designed the game's item code system, enabling enhanced customer support. I also had lots of fun designing content and seasonal events!

King's Men

I made this level as a testing zone - it eventually grew into the tutorial level!
A lot of mechanics, such as pushing and pulling blocks, were initially quite challenging for me to script.
As I became more familiar with scripting, I added more complex functionality like switchplates.
I had a lot of fun developing the visual style for the game. It was a nice break from scripting too!
Each character has unique abilities. These posed new challenges each time!
Bird's eye view of the tutorial level, featuring increasingly dastardly puzzles to solve.
One of my state machines within PlayMaker, a visual scripting tool I used for the game.
A portion of the original doodle that started it all!
  • Game Design
  • Art + Animation
  • Scripting
King's Men was an independent project that I designed and developed over the course of a year. By the time I had finished implementing the core functionality, tutorial level, and first character, I had learned a wealth of information! This project helped me get comfortable with Unity and scripting my own games using PlayMaker.

WordWorld Tales

  • Level Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Digital Art
  • Web Design
WordWorld Tales was my first professional experience as a game designer. PlaySquare, the developer, was a very small company - I was the "jack of all trades" for their creative needs. Most notably, I designed the interactive segments within the app. I also helped create in-game assets, and overhauled the company website.

Game Design

Digital Art