In addition to my work as a game designer and digital artist, I've always enjoyed physical art. I am classically trained in the traditional arts such as drawing, painting, and sculpture. I love using paper, cardboard, and wood to make books, tabletop games, pop-up cards, and more. The images above include a scroll with adjustable segments, a collapsible viewing stand for mobile devices, a tapir mask, and various pop-up layouts.


When paper isn't cutting it, I turn to metal! Taking classes in jewlery design, casting, and metalworking opened my eyes to a whole new range of materials. I really enjoy the strength and durability provided by metals like nickel, but also love the forgiving nature of silver and pewter. The images above include an arm brace, cuttlefish bone cast ring, and interlocking celtic puzzle rings.


3D printing is an area I wish I had more time to explore! It's so much fun to watch your digital creations slowly become real. Images above include a lightbulb/plant hybrid with root-shaped filaments, a printed section of a Minecraft map, and a pair of goggles with moveable parts. The goggles feature laser-etched lenses that "pixelate" the wearer's vision.

Game Design

Digital Art